At Kids on the Rise we provide breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. We have two cooks who make all of our meals from scratch. They even make puree’s for our little ones. All the food provided is from local suppliers.

We cater for all dietary requirements such as vegetarians, dairy free, gluten free, food allergies etc... We take great care to ensure that all children are given the correct food.

Kids on the Rise is a ‘Nut Safe’ centre as we have some children with life threatening allergies to nuts. Therefore we ask that families do not bring any food into the centre from home. (You really don’t need to!)

For breakfast we provide a variety of cereals and toast. We serve breakfast from 6.30am until just after 8.00am.

Morning Tea is a variety of seasonal fruit or fruit puree. All of our fresh fruit is provided by a local fruit and vegetable market. Morning tea is served around 9am.

We try to keep lunch interesting by providing a different meal each day. Some of our yummy lunch meals are things like, Shepherd’s Pie, Meat Loaf served with Pumpkin Mash and Veggies, Beef Chili Con Carne served with rice, Mexican Wraps, Vegetarian Pasta Bake, Tuna Mornay and Spaghetti Bolognese. Babies are given foods that are modified to suit their needs and abilities. We wont give your baby any food they have not tried at home first.

Afternoon tea is around 2.30pm and also varies from day to day. For afternoon tea we serve foods like sultana muffins, fruit and yoghurt and banana bread.

Our late snack is served around 5.30pm. We may have foods such as, fruit, biscuits, raisin bread or sandwiches.

If a child refuses what we are offering we always offer a second option such as sandwiches, yoghurt, fruit etc. All of our delicious meals are served with either water or milk. We have a wide variety of milk to suit all requirements. We currently have soy milk, lactose free milk, A2 milk, oat milk and full cream milk.