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At Kids on the Rise we encourage children to pursue learning together in an engaging and nurturing environment, supported by dedicated and caring staff.

At Kids on the Rise we believe that children are confident, competent and resourceful learners who are capable of constructing their own knowledge of the world around them. We aim to build relationships that support children to:

  • Feel a sense of belonging and wellbeing
  • See themselves as constructive contributors to the community
  • See themselves as valued, unique and powerful
  • Respect and care for each other and the environment.

By observation and listening, we question and suggest new possibilities to the children and encourage them to search and explore meaning in their lives.
Documenting of this information leads to informed decision making about the provision of materials and future experiences for children. The centre regularly observes, documents and evaluates all practices, to continually update and improve the quality of service and standard of care we provide.

Kids on the Rise childcare recognises the importance of communication, and collaboration between families and staff, and work to form positive relationships. The Centre supports families in their parenting role and shares with them information of benefit to their child’s development. Kids on the Rise childcare encourages families to be active participators in the life of the Centre. Through sharing cultures, ideas, knowledge, strengths and differences, a strong partnership is formed.

Staff are committed to ongoing training and learning in the childcare field. The staff meet on a regular basis to discuss issues arising from the centre and also evaluate their childcare practices.
It is our aim to provide a loving, caring, nurturing environment that promotes each child’s learning and development, self-esteem and individuality, whilst having a day that’s lots of fun!


We consider meal time to be an important component of our daily program.

  • It is a social time to help teach manners, the importance of nutrition as well as the enjoyment of food.
  • All meals are prepared at the centre by our Cook who will cater to your child’s needs and requirements.
Having Fun

Prepare Food


We have 6 rooms



0 - 17 months
12 Children - 3 Educators 1 Qualified & 2 assistants 0
18 months - 2 years
24 Children - 7 Educators 3 Qualified & 4 Assistants 0
2 - 2 1/2 years
16 children - 4 Educators 2 Qualified & 2 Assistants 0
2 1/2 - 3 years
16 Children - 4 Educators 2 Qualified & 2 Assistants 0
3 - 4 years
35 Children - 4 Educators 2 Qualified & 2 Assistant 0
4 - 5 years
30 Children - 3 Educators 1 Kinder Teacher, 1 Qualified & 1 Assistant Mon 8
Tue 6
Wed 5
Thurs 5
Fri 6